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High-Performance Polymer Floor Coatings Chicagoland

Polymer Floor Coatings Chicagoland

Polymer Floor Coatings Chicagoland

Our polymer floor coatings offer an easy to clean alternative to standard concrete floors while providing a safe and beautiful environment. Our products and installation techniques have been accepted by OSHA and other regulatory agencies. The process to properly prepare the floor surface includes aggressive cleaning methods such as acid etching, shot blasting and grinding. This allows for the removal of all contamination including paint, oil, grease, and adhesives. Our line of high-performance polymer floor coatings is formulated for heavy duty commercial and industrial surfaces to withstand thermal shock, heavy impact, caustic chemicals, machine oils and frequent forklift traffic.


Concrete Self-Leveling Overlays

Concrete Self-Leveling Overlays can provide a cost-effective way to revitalize unsightly damaged concrete floors. Overlay systems are cement-based coatings installed over existing concrete floors at approximately ¼ to ½ inch in thickness. This application provides a clean and flat coating which is a versatile base for a variety of floor designs. These overlay systems can be treated in the same manner as concrete allowing for the application of polishing, stain/dyes, decorative designs, epoxy, and urethane coatings. An overlay system can transform a once damaged and worn concrete floor into a new, smooth and level surface with striking beauty, elegance, and durability.