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Stained Concrete & Decorative Designs Chicagoland

Stained Concrete Chicagoland

Stained Concrete Chicagoland

Concrete is an inherently attractive building material. It embodies the natural appeal of stone by its mass and permanence. With the addition of color variations, concrete as the stone is even more realistic. Concrete stains are an excellent choice for producing colors often found in earth and rock.

When combined with simple and creative application techniques, concrete stains allow for truly unique concrete installations, which complement a variety of hardscape designs. In contrast, stains are also quite useful for finishes that are more contemporary. Stains enable the innovative use of concrete for both interior and exterior construction.

Process Requirements

A new concrete slab must have cured for four to six (4-6) weeks. The optimum time to stain in a new home is after all construction (taping, bedding, texturing, and painting) is completed and just prior to the baseboards being affixed, however, staining can be performed at any time if proper protective measures are taken. We recommend that you protect your new slab during the construction phase with paper, cardboard or plywood covering as the initial cleaning step will be much easier, but you must make sure that your protection choice does not impede the proper curing of the concrete. All laborers should be advised that the slab will be the finished floor.